A tale, luminous and indefinite, starts with its magic not yet flourished. Begins in a world that swiftly turns to another. Favorable accidents are never predictable, so it was the case with those stumbling upon a world covered with the scent of a deliberate, mundane, worldly essence that held its secrets, up until now.
A wrinkled man with a hunchback posture, cloaked in a ragged outfit, wanders the woods to search for those with destinies, not yet fulfilled. It was six of these individuals that proved to be most worthy of his mysterious gift. A gift that cannot be kept, yet it manifests in the ones who accept it. The gateway to another world, The Magus, the World of Magic.
A world of magic, requires order to maintain the possible chaos, always lurking in the shadows to grasp onto a pure soul, to break the harmony. The idea of power, sheds light to one`'s true intentions, or maybe to so far hidden emotions growing inside.
To keep powers and the elements at bay, a School of Magus was established, providing law and order for those who seek it, and for those, destined to be the protectors of this world. Six elements from the worldly reality, Water, Fire, Nature, Thunder, Light, and Darkness. They have become the mightiest of Magus. Once born in a world so physical and obvious, but accomplished unimaginable deeds in another, The Magus.

Ifrit The Blaze

Good friend of Water Magus. Ifrit has mighty power which may cause people around him to get burned therefore Yun will be around him most of the time.

The Inferno Mark changes its form according to Ifrit's mood. The more marks, the stronger power for Ifrit. As he has huge and dangerous power in it, Ifrit controls his power by wearing the Metal Rings on his arms.

Levina The Current

A dashing & justice Thunder Magus. The one who will always stand up for the others when someone around her get bullied. Admired by everyone but most of them will avoid from getting too close to her as it's easy to get electrocuted by her thunder shockwave.

Levina is a great AOE damage dealer as the ability to absorb electrons from molecules through the Antenna to create powerful source of electricity. It can not only cause great damage but also have the effect to paralyze the opponent.

Hana The Dryad

Hana the typical Nature Magus. She is charming and pretty among the Magus. Often surrounded by butterflies due to her aromatic scent as well as her personality.

Ability to drain enemy's power by using Fern Whip and turn it into the Invigorate Flower which could provide buffs for teammates. Better not to make her go mad or else she will drain yours too.

Yun the Cloud

Adorable girl yet having powerful force. Likes to be friend with Fire Magus because whenever the temperature is too low, the moisture tends to condense, which will cause the body becomes heavy

Ability to create clouds that deal AOE damage as well as healing. Yun is able to change the substance of the cloud with the Dew Necklace. Yun could consume specific potion to cast the spell whenever the Dew Necklace is not working.

Mata the Beholder

Ability to create multiple eyes to scout everyone within the environment. Good at keeping secret yet use to threat the others when necessary. Mata is sly and shrewd and there's no secrets on campus that she doesn't know .

Different eyes corresponding different abilities:
Beholding eye of scout (Yellow)
Laser eye of doom (Red)
Oracle eye of foresee (Blue)
Healing eye of therapy (Green)
Hypnosis eye of hypnotize (Pink)

Ray the Prism

The kind, humorous and funny Light Magus. He could brighten up anyone's day as he will always spice up everyone around him. But there are many unknown secrets hidden behind his cheerful appearance.

Light Magus is not as gentle and kind as it seems. They gained control of the Forbidden Light Magic that could easily destroy and harmful to others. The power is far way more frightening than the Dark Magus

The Prism Badge representing the Light Magus and ability to fire Prismatic Beam which may cause great damage to the opponent as it is the target locked skill.

The Magus is a collection of NFTs centred around fantasy, art, and community. Each Magus will reside on the Ethereum blockchain as a non-fungible token (NFT) made up of more than 600+ traits from 7 different categories and 13 unique 1/1s.

There will be total of 6,666 MAGUS in the collection.

14 July 2022, 12pm EST

Phase 1 - Private Sales (OG&WL)
OG: 2 Free Mint + 1 Mint at 0.033 ETH [3 Mints Per Wallet]
WL: 1 Free Mint + 1 Mint at 0.033 ETH [2 Mints Per Wallet]

Phase 2 - Allow List Sales (Premint Winners)
AL: 1 Free Mint + 1 Mint at 0.033 ETH [2 Mints Per Wallet]

Instant reveal.

Magus will receive 6.6% of all secondary sales. Royalty funds received will be given back to community in ETH or NFTs through holders-only giveaway.

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